Thursday, December 6, 2012

Making a Slip Knot for Crochet

When you start your crochet project, you will either start with a slip knot, or a magic ring.  Today I am going to show you how to make a simple slip knot!  With some practice, you will find that this is pretty easy.

Grab any size crochet hook, and a ball of yarn and lets start practicing.  Grab the end of your yarn.

Make a loop as pictured below.

Put your crochet hook into the loop,

hook and pull the yarn through.  Be sure to pull on both ends as you are doing this to tighten up the slip knot.

And here is your slip knot.  It will probably be a pretty big loop, but it is easily adjustable.  Insert your crochet hook and pull on the tail end to tighten.

And there you are.  Easy, right?  You are ready to start your next crochet project!

Be sure to leave a long enough tail so that you can weave it in when you are done crocheting.  You don't want your project that you worked so hard on to come unraveled :)

For some crochet patterns you won't start out with a slip knot, you will start with a magic ring

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