Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TECHNIQUE: Loop Stitch

I have a new pattern up for sale in my Etsy Shop for a Stocking Ornament.  In this pattern, I use the loop stitch for a few rnds.  I also use the loop stitch quite a bit in my Horse Pattern.  This stitch can be a little bit tricky, and since I am using it more and more in my patterns, I decided that I would add a step by step picture tutorial to my blog.  This stitch is an advanced stitch, and can sometimes be very frustrating when you are first learning.  Don't be disappointed if it takes a while to get it down, just keep practicing!

In my patterns, I abbreviate this stitch as LSsc (which means Loop Stitch Single Crochet)

I used DK weight yarn and a size G hook, but be sure to use the yarn and hook that your crochet pattern calls for.  For this tutorial, I crocheted a half circle in a teal color, and changed the loop stitches to a red color so that it would be easy to see and follow. Please note that there are a lot of different ways to crochet a loop stitch, but this is my favorite way!

Insert your hook in the stitch indicated

 and pull up a loop (there will be 2 loops on your hook)

Put your thumb on the two loops on your crochet hook to hold them down and keep it there as you are crocheting the next step (this is very important)

Insert your hook into the same stitch (see how my thumb is holding the two loops on the hook), 

Make a large loop with your yarn end using your index finger on your left hand (I say large loop because you can adjust it down later)  As you can see below that I am not holding the two loops with my thumb because I had to use that hand to take this picture.  But you do need to keep holding those two loops for now.

Pull up a loop (there will be 3 loops on your crochet hook).  You can now remove your thumb.  You can see in the picture below that you have your 3 loops on your hook, and the large loop that you just made.  You can now adjust the loop to the size that you would like or that your pattern calls for.  If you pull on the yarn end, the loop will adjust smaller.  If you pull up on the loop you can make the loop larger.  I always try to make my loops the same size by eyeballing it.    Some patterns will call for very large loops, and some will call for small loops.  It just depends on what you are making.

As soon as you have your loop adjusted to the right size, wrap your yarn over your hook,

And pull through all 3 loops on your hook.

You are finished with one LSsc (loop stitch single crochet)!

Here is how the inside of your project will look:

And here is how the outside will look with the loops:

I crocheted one row of loop stitches to this project just to show you the end result

Pretty cute huh?  I love the loop stitch, there are endless possibilities with this stitch!  Here are a few pictures of projects I have made using the loop stitch:

I used the loop stitch on the top of my stocking ornament, and on the hair and tail of my horse crochet pattern.  I sell both of these patterns in my Etsy Shop.

Have fun with it!

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