Saturday, May 24, 2014

Idaho Falls Temple Picture for your Living Room!

Have you ever been to the Deseret Book website and wanted to buy one of those beautiful Temple pictures for your home?  I do - every time I look.  But, my frugal side tells me that I'd better not spend $400+ on a picture...... Maybe someday I will give in to the temptation!  But not today. 

Since we are in the process of building a new home I am thinking of decorating ideas.  I know I want a really big picture of the temple in my living room.  I do have a really nice camera, so I thought I would give it a try with my own camera.  I ended up taking over 100 pictures of the temple at all angles and so that made it a little bit harder to pick a picture.  I finally ended up picking one.  I like it because it isn't a straight on picture, but you can still see the front of the temple, and that beautiful Snake River out front. 

The problem with the picture is that the Temple is always busy and so there were a bunch of cars and a few bikes and people out front.  Luckily I have been learning Photoshop for a few years and so I was able to edit all of the cars and people out of the picture.  One of the cars was hard to get out of the picture so I stamped a bush right over it.  I can barely tell where it was, can you?

So, with a little bit of Photo shopping from me, and some from my sister in law (thank you!), we finally both came out with a picture that we both just love!  She printed out a big copy and framed it for my mom for Christmas, and printed a few for herself.  I have one printed out just waiting for me to frame.  Since I don't have a place to hang it in my small house it will have to wait for now. 

I have decided to share the picture with you today.  I hope it helps some of you out because I know we can't all afford to buy a picture of the Temple, but we all want one, right?  This is just for personal use.  Feel free to print as many as you like for yourself and your friends, and to share the link to the picture (but please don't post the picture on your own website).  I also ask that you don't sell the image, or claim it as your own.  I am sharing an image of the picture below, but be sure to click on the download now link to download it in full pixels.  That way you can print off a very large picture without it pixelating.  Just as a tip, I always print my pictures online and have them mailed to me.  Easy, right?  I use shutterfly, but there are a lot of other online printers you could use as well!

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